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We believe in building lifetime value in your business through video

We understand Video Production, On-Demand, Alternate Advertising,      Alternate Media,  Hybrid Marketing and Consulting

About Us


In today's online world

People are wanting to engage, are seeking out information, and looking for experiences.  Make sure when they find what they want, your message is there to greet them.


We have

Over 50 years video production, video journalism, print journalism, storytelling, photography and public affairs/relations experience.  We have provided quality video services for local, national and international media outlets.  Our work has been published worldwide.


We believe in building lifetime value in your business through video

When it comes to Alternate Advertising, Alternate Media, Hybrid Marketing and Consulting, Video Production, we know how to use them for your benefit.  We strive to personally work with you; stay within your budget, and provide you with the best possible platform and solution to meet your needs and help move your business forward.  Consultations are always free.


Our Sevices

​​Professionally produced video for


Videos are a very powerful tool and have many uses when implemented for the right reason and objective.

  • Explainer videos, How-To, Product demo
  • Customer Testimonials, Customer rapport
  • Content, Informational, Promotional marketing, Corporate video
  • Hiring process, Company culture 
  • Real Estate marketing
  • Websites, Web TV, On-Demand, YouTube/Vimeo Channel
  • TV/Web Commercials, Infomercials
  • Pilots and Teasers for new shows
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Political/Business issues & campaigns
  • Video Resumes/References
  • Memoir, Legacy and Life Stories
  • ​HD video Live-Streaming 

Hybrid Marketing and Consulting


Doing the work, not just telling you how.

  • We know how to use video for the benefit of your business and company goals  
  • We are results oriented
  • We are not in business to serve a process
  • Our system gets results
  • You just have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and take a little risk for a much bigger reward; a new and fresh way of advertising, promoting and moving your business forward

       New day. New thinking. New approach.

Alternate Advertising


What is Alternate Advertising:

Online Video/Internet/Mobile, Video-On-Demand, Interactive, User-Generated Media/Material, Electronic Custom Material/Info, Word-of-Mouth, ​B-2-B & B-2-C Electronic Media/Material.

  • Outsmarting the internet so people find you…
  • Deer Track uses clever strategies that get customers seeking you rather than you chasing them. Alternate advertising can be inexpensive, simple, and fun
  • You don’t have to chase Likes, purchase search engine optimization, buy annoying pop-up ads, or interrupt someone’s favorite video

Web Design


We help you through the entire process from brainstorming to completion.  Working with several web designers to bring you the site you want and meets your needs.

  • User experience design for computer and mobile
  • Layout, Graphics, Fonts, Content, Navigation, Multimedia, Video, Photography, Compatibility, Technology, Interactive, Authoring, Standardized code, Proprietary software, SEO, Social Media


Consumers are not engaging with traditional media.

82% of people will skip a TV advertisement.


Stop Interrupting what consumers are interested in and become what they’re interested in.

How People Use Internet

This is how people use the internet

  • People are looking for experiences with every purchase they make
  • People want to engage
  • People react to businesses and brands that provide them with a simple video
  • Statistically, 75% percent of people would rather watch a video than read text

Think of it like this

I am interested in dining out, so I get on the internet, do a google search for restaurants near me, 50 restaurants come up. I click on the first one, the website has some pictures, describes the restaurant, gives me open/closed hours, that’s about it, nothing exciting.  I click the second one, website is about the same, pictures, description, recommendations, but nothing earth-shattering.  

I click on the third, same thing.  I click on the fourth, BAM, what pops up, a video telling me a story about the restaurant, how it got started, the hard work that goes into each dish, and what makes the place so special. WOW, this is a place I have got to go and try! People naturally draw a connection.  I click directions and off I go. I can even order my meal directly online.  With a simple click of a mouse your customers have begun a journey to a great night out. 

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“Sure, video is easy, but GOOD video isn’t just as simple as pulling out a smartphone, pointing it at oneself and tapping record – that’d just be a glorified selfie.” Christopher Ruffell, ReelMarketer.

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