Deer Track Productions

We believe in building lifetime value in your business through video


What is Hybrid Marketing?

Hybrid marketing is simply this; putting your message in front of your customers where they are and when they are there. Contrast this to expensive traditional marketing which is buying time, over and over again, hoping it reaches your customers eventually.

I want to advertise online and on YouTube, how do I do that?

Not the way advertising companies want you to do it. You want to align your message and audience with the content of the video or page. One way is to make your marketing part of the video content; adding value to the message not interrupting it.

Are buying zip codes for internet advertising a good investment?

No. You’re wasting your money.

Should I buy Facebook Ads?

Not unless your only goal is to buy Zuckerberg a bigger mansion.

Should I chase Facebook Likes?

If your goal is to build your self-esteem, sure. If you want more business; chasing Likes is meaningless. You want followers interested in what you have to say not Likes that click once and are gone.

How do I know a video is working?

Two ways; one is more business, the other is less explaining. A video can answer basic questions and qualify leads.

What are the pros and cons of traditional advertising vs Internet advertising?

Traditional advertising relies on purchasing impressions over, and over, and over until a potential client finally sees it and responds. The internet is far more targeted and a one-time purchase can work for you for weeks, months, or even years.

I have a cell phone. Why shouldn’t I just record and post the video myself?

Today’s technology has put video production in the hands of everyone; that’s a great thing and should be a part of your marketing plan. Your main videos, however, should be professionally produced and written to engage your audience and put a professional face on your business. We can show you the correct mix of professional videos and do-it-yourself videos that will give your message maximum impact.

I know I need a video, but I don’t understand video production, the cost, and process?

We never charge for a consultation. TALK TO US.
Step one, we talk to you about your goals, your message, and your business.
Step two, we propose a video that meets YOUR needs not our desire to win an award.
Step three, like buying a car, we offer options and a pricing structure that fits your budget and fulfills your needs.
In many cases, your video will cost less than one or two advertisements on your local TV station.

Does Deer Track Productions do Live Streaming?

Yes we do, and just asking this question shows you’re forward-thinking and marketing and technology savvy. Live Streaming can reach an internal and external audience.  You just have to understand why you are delivering the message with live video over the internet.  

How can I benefit from Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is not for everyone. We’d be happy to sit down and see if it’s right for your organization. If Live Streaming is for you, it can be a very powerful tool to connect you with customers and keep you connected.
For large organizations with multiple locations, Live Streaming can ensure consistency and continuity in training, corporate culture, and quality of service.