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When you finish watching the videos.  Pay attention to what you are thinking: 

  • Do you 'feel' that you relate or connect with Ed or Jack? 
  • Is this a place you would consider going? 
  • Are you interested in knowing, learning more?

Game On! Prep to Plate In 30 Minutes

Deer Track Productions produces and directs Game On! Prep to Plate in 30 Minutes TV/Web show hosted by Shawn Bailey. The show is available on The Food Channel and distributed to a targeted food and outdoor audience of 1.4 million through our proprietary distribution network.  Episode advertising and sponsorships available. 

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Political/Business issues & campaigns

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Memoir, Legacy and Life Stories

Content, Informational, Promotional, Corporate

Antique Automobile Club of America Museum

Hershey, PA

Motorbikes for the Masses

The Art of Lightness

Life Long Obsession

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Adopt A Car

Hiring process, Company culture

HR Alternative Series

  1. Top Hiring Mistakes
  2. The Interview Process & Finding Great Employees
  3. Letting Someone Go

Customer rapport

Premium Finance Brokerage 

Holiday Message

From people who have worked with us

Mike Curry - LifeSmoke Vapors

Commercial is awesome!! Thank ya. 

Liz Stevenson - Chesapeake Waterfowl

Hi Kevin, Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe and video.  I have received wonderful feedback from our guests and they truly enjoyed your show. 

Jenny Barron Landis - Executive Director, Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau

Awesome! Great timing and a terrific production. 

Thank you so much for timing this just right!

Cheryl Nelson -Multi Channel Consultant

It’s been a pleasure working with you and I will continue to watch for your adventures and shows via Facebook or on your website.

Stewart Sheppard - Premium Finance Brokerage

Everything has worked out perfectly.    Thanks again and I’ll be in touch for all our future needs.

Kaitlan Foland - The Food Channel Content Coordinator

I am from very small Southwest Missouri towns that border Arkansas, so I genuinely enjoy your content and have a group of close family and friends who I have shared it with.  You are a valuable contributor to The Food Channel.